Visualize seismic data with physical surface models

Oil & Gas Exploration Offshore

Present 3D colour printed area of interest to stakeholders, investors and researchers. Highlight field prospects, fault lines, well locations on oil water contact surface.

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Bathymetry & Seabed Mining

Present water depth information for lakes or seabed reliefs with related geological features in a 3D colour printed model. We can provide scale models for vessels, drilling platforms on transparent sea surface and much more.

High quality - made in Germany

Using cutting edge 3D printing we can achieve precision of 0,01 mm for technical models. We got the knowledge to manufacture and deliver large stunning models, which can be mounted on a wall or protected by a Perspex cover.

Bathymetry Display

Let's combine land and other seismic data to visualize what is usually hard to see.

Island 3D Maps Marketing Use Cases

Present exploration area

horizon model 3d printed

Document surface prospects

surface model 3d printed

Simulate water level

water model 3d printed