Vivid Information Through ShapeVision

Achieve flexible and up-to-date texture layers when you combine UltraHD projection mapping with affordable white 3D printed models from SHAPEwerk. Compare various development strategies, pros and cons of track routing, monthly orthoimagery and other environmental data.

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Visual Narrated Infopoint

Communicate complex aspects of your project with the ShapeVision XL table model, i.e. for proposed development or tourist attractions. As a maintenance free application graphics, videos and audio are played endlessly to engage viewers in a captivating way.

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Typical ShapeVision configurations

Versatile Projection Solutions

Using our combined hard- and software know-how we can enable you to use cost effective white 3D models as tactile screens. You can present multiple themes and animations like Summer/Winter, statistics and master plans.

Request our free ShapeVision best practise guide to find out more on projection setup pros and cons.

Interactive Kiosk for citizen consultation

The ShapeVision table can be extended by an electronic Whiteboard, which provides interaction with the model layers. The Whiteboard allows layer or mode selection. It can also show a second perspective i.e. first person walk through, which is synchronized with the scale model display. The discussion host is able to add labels and notes into the scale model, which can later be saved and shared.

Engage Viewers and Create Dialog:
Discuss district development, infrastructure plans and environmental data directly on scale model. Every viewer will be able to follow your presentation, which is often difficult on screen.

Study urbanism in real 3D

More Engaging Presentations

Present master plans, compare environmental data and promote city attractions in real 3D ! See ShapeVision in action.

Configure your ShapeVision University communication table, a long term tool that displays real time city data and up-to-date master plans on a real 3D scale model.

You can design multiple 3D scale models to assist your presentation. For citizen consultation the table can be configured to run an promotional video.

Exact projection mapping

For each 3D model and projection setup we supply a simple app for batch graphics conversion. This is required for perfect mapping onto the 3D model to ensure pixels appear where intended. Use the blended graphics in Powerpoint or any other slide show. Contact us for details on the ShapeVison SDK.

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