3D Printed Raised Maps

SHAPEwerk designs and manufactures 3D maps for tourism, sport marketing and individual clients based on available digital data. Such maps provide a clear understanding of destinations, elevation differences and terrain beauty. Help the planning for long distance hiking and mountain bike tours.

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3D Precision Map for reception and visitor area

Custom design

Present the beauty of your region at trade shows and visitor centers using 3D printed maps. Use our GeoDesigner tool to get a first idea, later we tailor the virtual 3D map to your needs. Finally topographic information can overlay the color texture and a legend can be designed. What you see at SHAPEwerk platform is what you will get as a physical model!

Innovate regional marketing

Use the benefits of 3D printed scaled models for new marketing concepts. Present attractions and location based information in a vivid scheme: place a 3D map of the region in your visitor center which pinpoints topics of your flyers.

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Crafted to perfection

Our maps visualize theme parcs, running tracks, forest and environmental data. Let the viewer explore the 3D map interactively or order a Perspex cover for protection.

3D Map of Midway/Park City Utah

Decorative Monochrome Terrain Model

Explore and understand

Raised maps from SHAPEwerk display mountains, cableways, summit trails and ski slopes in real 3D. During map design we help you to pick the best orthoimagery from a particular season. In addition you can order miniatures of landmarks, i.e. stadium or church.

How detailed is your landscape going to be?

Using high resolution elevation data will improve the model detail spectacular. 10 meter grid data is available for all US, European Alps and more.

Need more interaction?

Add unlimited context information onto monochrome 3D printed models using our projection system "ShapeVision".

Imagine dynamic simulations (traffic, wind, shadow, soil data) and animations explain complex interactions in a threedimensional world.

Which ShapeVision setup fits your needs?